Koe Wetzel Jumps In A Cave To Bag Utah Black Bear With A Bow

Koe Wetzel country music

The outdoor adventures of Koe Wetzel keep on rolling.

Despite one of the harder touring schedules of any artist, Koe always makes time to enjoy the great outdoors.

From noodling fat catties to duck hunting with Steve Rinella, Koe’s interests are widespread, making him one of the biggest proponents for getting out there and keeping the wild part of you alive.

His latest escapade? Bowhunting for black bear in Utah.

Yep, you read that right, not only is he going after one of nature’s top predators, he said screw the gun, I’m using a bow.

While he did come out with a hell of a trophy, it appears it wasn’t as smooth sailing as you hope a hunting trip would be.

We’ll let him explain what happened…

“What a wild and crazy hunt this week in Utah! This beast gave the dogs a run for their money but they finally bayed him up in a cave.

After a couple hell nahs and going back and forth on whether we should go in after ’em, I was able to slide in and put three arrows in him.”

To clarify, Koe and the gang were using dogs to sniff out a bear. They locked onto one and chased it into a cave, which Koe entered with nothing but a bow and arrow and took it out.

Wow… Just wow.

If it was anyone but him, I’d call BS, but hey, if there’s one person to do it…

That’s gonna make for a hell of a rug.

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