High School Students Arrested, Facing 10 Years In Prison, After Fart Spray Prank Causes Evacuation

high school fart spray

What a sh*tty situation…

It’s that time of year again. With high school graduations happening all around the country, it’s inevitable that there are quite a few senior pranks that go along with it.

Now, some of them are harmless, like this class that held an “anything but a car” day and rode to school on their scooters and bikes.

@kellymanno Yesterday was Seniors last day. This morning the freshman, sophmores and juniors had 7am finals, there is only one road to the high school 😆 #anythingbutacar #classof2023 #seniorprank #francishowell #genz ♬ original sound – Kelly Manno😎

Some of them are just downright hilarious, like setting farm animals loose in the school or hiring mariachi bands to follow them around all day.

But sometimes these pranks can go a bit too far and get into the “criminal activity” territory.

It seems like every year you hear reports about students vandalizing their school as a “senior prank.” My senior class did it (no, I wasn’t involved), and a friend of mine who’s a teacher recently got a day off from school and had a bunch of her students arrested when their senior class decided to break into the school and trash it overnight.

I mean, that’s not really a “prank” as much as it is criminal vandalism, but whatever.

These kids in Texas didn’t go that route though. I’m sure they thought their prank was as harmless as listing their principal’s car on Craigslist or setting a pig loose in the hallway.

But apparently the school didn’t feel quite the same way.

According to KHOU, two students at Caney Creek High School in Montgomery County, Texas are facing felony charges for possession of a prohibited weapon after their senior prank.

And what was this “prohibited weapon?”

Fart spray.

Seems a little dramatic to me, but apparently the prank led to the school being evacuated and shut down for three days after students and faculty complained of headaches and breathing issues from the odor.

It seems that after the smell appeared for the first time, the building was evacuated and the fire department searched the school with gas detectors trying to locate the source of the odor. But when nothing was found, students were sent home for the day, only to return next day to find the same odor that afternoon.

This time a hazmat team was brought in to investigate after six students were hospitalized, and the school was once again dismissed for the day.

After canceling classes the next day to figure out where the issue was coming from, testing was conducted on the school’s ventilation system, sewer and mechanical system. But they still couldn’t find the source of the foul odor.

That’s when a student admitted to using “Hensgaukt Stink Fart” spray, which is advertised as smelling “like 14th Century sewage.”

The students involved in the prank were arrested and charged with felony possession of a prohibited weapon, and are looking at up to 10 YEARS in prison for what I’m sure they thought was a harmless prank.

I mean, maybe it wasn’t a great idea to go for round two after you saw the stink (no pun intended) it caused the first time, but 10 years for fart spray? Seems a little excessive to me.

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