Car Goes Up In Flames After Driver Lights A Cigarette At Gas Pump

car fires

Got a light?

We’ve all seen the “No Smoking” warning signs posted everywhere on gas pumps. I’d bet most people look at them and think, really? Would anyone really light a cigarette while filling their car up with highly flammable gasoline?

The answer to that is yes, sort of.

A scary video from a gas station in Turkey shows the worst case scenario for that exact situation.

The driver had just finished up pumping his gas and had sat back in the driver seat, when he decided to light up a smoke. But when he pulled the lighter, more than just the cigarette started burning.

Apparently there were a lot of fumes in the air and the spark was just what was needed to ignite them. In a movie like wave, the flame expanded quickly, moving from inside the car to the outside, causing a halo like effect as the fire burned through the air.

Fortunately, the driver was able to open the door and get out of the car before the whole thing was engulfed in flames. He suffered only minor burns to his face and hands. Attendants were quick to come over with fire extinguishers to stop the fire before it hit the gas tank and caused an even bigger explosion.

Thankful that the guy was safe, and it was a pretty impressive blow up, but man you just can’t be smoking near gas pump. To his credit, he did wait until after filling, but gas is, well, a gas, and doesn’t just pour out in the nice liquid form we tend to think it does.

Be smart out there, folks.

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