Beauty Buck Takes A Big Leap To Clear A Fence, Comes Up Way Short


Swing and a miss.

I’ve seen it before and I will see it again, but I can’t help to watch.

Whitetails are favorite across the country. They are a beautiful animal that is fun to chase after and good to eat. They are medium sized and can weigh as much as 300 pounds but generally are much smaller.

They primarily feed on leaves, twigs, buds, and grasses. In the spring and summer months, they enjoy browsing on tender vegetation, while during the fall and winter, they adapt to foraging on harder and less nutritious plants. This often leads them to farmers field for plenty of easy access to food.

Whitetails deer are known for their having great leaping abilities. Often running with a bit of a jump these animals can reach up to 8 feet in the air in one jump. They can also run up to 30 miles an hour to escape predators.

If you mix the speed and the jump together they can jump far distances, but occasionally they misjudge the jump.

This video shows a beauty buck running full speed, he takes a leap as he approaches a fence, but he jumped to soon. The deer nails the fence getting hung up and sling-shotted back to the side he came from.

That fence said not today deer.

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