Shark Gets Its Tail Ripped Off By A Bigger Shark

Shark attack

The ocean is a crazy place.

There’s always something bigger and you wont see it until it is right there. The deep blue is fish eat fish world.

Sharks have evolved over millions of years to become the ocean’s apex predators. With their streamlined bodies, powerful jaws, and keen senses, they have perfected the art of hunting. There are many different types of sharks with over 500 species that all use different methods to feed themselves.

Some are more calm while others are very aggressive like great whites. Some sharks will eat just about anything. Sharks have been known to prey upon their own kind, often driven by competition, territorial disputes, or simply opportunistic encounters. Larger species, such as the tiger shark, and the bull shark, are known to engage in intra-specific predation, occasionally feeding on smaller or weaker individuals of the same species.

These folks were taking a video of a shark swimming in the ocean, when they notice something coming up behind it. In a flash a bigger shark attacks the other from behind. The water turns red and the shark swims towards the surface with its tail fin completely bitten off.

The ocean is some of the harshest of environments.

That is some wild stuff to witness.

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