The “Brady Bunch” House Is Now For Sale In California For $5.5 Million

Brady Brunch house

Who said the housing market was unbearable? If the Brady Bunch house is for sale, that must be a good sign for the market right?

If you have a spare $5.5 million dollars, you could be the rightful owner of a house that looks exactly like the iconic sitcom home, yet never really had anything to do with or featured any filming of the show.

The listing is managed by a real estate company called Compass, with the house located in Studio City, California near Los Angeles.

The only thing the home was used for was exterior shots, while all the footage from the interior of the home was filmed on stage sets.

So here’s the story, of a house that looks like the Brady’s, and for the right price it could all be yours to own.

But if you buy it, just know it’s a replica, and you’d be a doofus to buy this multi-million dollar home.

If you weren’t catching on, those two lines above were supposed to be to the tune of the iconic Brady Bunch theme song, though I will admit that it was a touch wordy.

Believe it or not, HGTV purchased the property back in 2018 for $3.5 million dollars and decided to renovate it to make it look exactly like the classic sitcom from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. When they bought it, it was the first time the home was for sale since 1973.

There was a bidding war to secure the home, and there was even concern that it could be bulldozed or brought to the ground via wrecking ball, so HGTV finally came through with the purchase and started renovating the home to make it look exactly like the house from set designs of the show.

The TV network poured around $1.9 million dollars into the renovations, with the biggest challenge being the addition of the home’s second story in order to recreate the instantly recognizable living room area and staircase.

Renovating the home wasn’t just for fun for HGTV. They ended up making an event series in 2019 titled A Very Brady Renovation, which ended up being a wild ratings success as it brought over 28 million views to the network in its four-week run.

So if you want to overpay for a house that is literally supposed to look like it’s straight from the 1970’s, it could all be yours if the price is correct (I had to say correct there so we don’t get in trouble with the daytime TV show The Price Is Right).

If you’ve always wanted to live in a TV sitcom house, this is undoubtedly your golden opportunity.

Take a look inside:

Brady Brunch house Brady Brunch house

Brady Brunch house Brady Brunch house Brady Brunch house

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