Kayak Fisherman Catches A Massive Goliath Grouper That Breaks His Fishing Rod

Kayak fisherman hauls in grouper

That’s a big one.

Hard to beat catching a beauty like that, especially in a kayak.

Goliath groupers are true giants of the sea. They can reach lengths of up to 8 feet and weigh anywhere from 400 to over 800 pounds. They have a broad, powerful tail and a massive mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth.

Fishing for Goliath groupers attracts people far and wide due to their massive size and unique looks. Many areas have these beasts protected due to overfishing, but its hard to not want to catch one.

Fishing grouper from a kayak is an adrenaline rush. These massive fish have the strength to manhandle those boats if they want too.

This kayak fisherman is seen hooked into a beast. The fish has his rod bent right over as he pulls it to the surface. The man fights with everything he has and pulls the giant grouper to the surface.

Everyone celebrates the insane catch from the small boat but the grouper had other plans. The fish gets burst of energy and break the man’s rod as it takes back off.

What a wild experience.

And still a catch in my books, there’s no way he would have got that thing any closer anyways.

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