Ben Burgess Drops Surprise Song “Silverado Blues”

Ben Burgess country music

I’ll never be mad at a surprise song from Ben Burgess.

He dropped a new one this evening called “Silverado Blues,” which is an almost seven-minute song detailing the end of a relationship and everything that’s happened with the woman who was left heartbroken since.

Of course, she finds herself with the “Silverado blues,” hence the title, and can’t stop thinking about the guy she left behind and his truck.

Ben announced the new song during an Instagram live this evening, and right now the song is only available on Youtube, but should be up on streaming platforms here soon.

He also mentioned that his goal is to release 22 songs this year, so he’s got one down and at least 21 more to go, and seeing as Ben released his debut studio album Tears the Size of Texas last year, it sounds like there could potentially even be another project in the works to come out at some point this year.

The production on “Silverado Blues” is super cool and unique, and paired with Ben’s distinctive delivery, it’s certainly not any kind of country song I’ve heard before…

Check it out:

“Silverado Blues”

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