Louis CK Video From 1988 Has The Internet Convinced He’s Tyler Childers’ Long Lost Brother

Tyler CHilders LOuis CK

Bear with me here, because I know you might not see it, but keep an open mind and let me do my best to convince you.

I just so happened to stumble upon this clip of Louis C.K. performing standup in 1988, and I just couldn’t help but say to myself:

“Damn, it would not surprise me if, right after a joke, Louis broke into ‘Feathered Indians.'”

I’ll concede that we are talking clean shaven, short haired Tyler Childers here. Not the long bearded, long haired version of the country star that many of us probably envision when we think of him.

That being said, I’m not alone as the rest of the internet is convinced that a young Louis C.K. resembles a modern day Tyler Childers. Do we know for sure that the “C” in “C.K.” doesn’t stand for Childers?

Take a look at this video of a young Louis doing standup on  The Cable Comedy Show from the late 1980’s and tell me you don’t see it:

You see what I’m saying right?

It’s interesting to watch that video above and see how “raw” Louis C.K. seemed to be compared to his “assassin like” joke telling today. You can obviously tell he’s more polished as a comedian in the modern day comparative to when he got his start.

So anyways, take that image of a young Louis, keep it fresh in your mind, and now watch this “no beard, short hair” Childers perform “Way of the Triune God” at Red Rocks and tell me you don’t see what I’m talking about:

I’m now imagining that you, the reader, are nodding your head in agreement and saying “this Whiskey Riff writer is right, they do look alike.”

If you did in fact say or think that, I appreciate you. If you still aren’t sold on it, then I’m not sure what else I can enter into the “Young C.K. Looks Like Modern Day Childers” evidence file.

I will add in a handful of comments I saw on TikTok that were beneath a different video of a younger Louis C.K. though, for good measure:

“Tyler Childers’ older brother?”

“That’s Tyler Childers.”

“Looks Like Tyler Childers”

“Louis CK is Tyler Childers?”

“He looks like Tyler Childers.”

“Tyler Childers???”

See, I’m not alone…

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