Fisherman Gets So Excited Over Big Fish He Drops His Rod In The Water Without Even Noticing

Fishing rod

The joys of catching a nice fish.

Or any fish for that matter.

It brings out emotions that have people constantly running back to the water for more.

Largemouth bass are a fish that is sought after all across America. They are fun to catch and tricky to catch the big ones. Your average bass is going to be between 1 to 5 pounds and a foot to foot and a half in length. But, fish pushing ten pounds or more are definitely caught all around, more commonly in the South.

These fish are so fun to catch there are leagues and tournaments all over the place with bass being the target species. Some folks even make a living reeling in these beauties. That would not be a bad deal.

Naturally, catching them is very fun, and catching the big one is even more fun. Some people get completely overwhelmed when it happens.

This fisherman is seen reeling in a bass underneath a bridge.

The man gets the fish into the boat and goes to set his rod down and unknowingly drops it right into the water. He then unhooks the fish from his lure, mesmerized by his catch, he throws the line into the water as well losing the rod to the water.

“Me catching a fish on a 13fishing pole I had just got for Father’s Day from my family. While landing the fish, unknowingly dropping the rod and reel in the water. In Virginia on a local pond.

The end result being I dropped the rod and reel in the water.”

Fishing can get you so excited you lose your favorite fishing rod.

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A beer bottle on a dock