Dad Laughs His A** Off While Son Screams In Horror Getting Attacked By A Magpie

Child attacked by magpie

Father of the year.

Don’t help, just pull out the camera…

Magpies have no trouble surviving near towns, some species even thrive in these areas. They are commonly found in residential areas such as parks, gardens, golf courses, and streets, with scattered trees or forest nearby.

Native to Australia and New Zealand, they are quite different than the European magpie species.

While most birds will generally avoid direct conflicts with humans, magpies can be quite aggressive during breeding season. If they perceive humans as potential threats to their nests or territories, they may swoop in and actually try to attack, attempting to scare the person off.

They tend to target people moving fast such as cyclists and runners.

Attacks have been known to cause injury to the head, face and eyes, and in very rare instances has even resulted in deaths as people have been killed trying to flee them. A few years ago, an older gentleman tragically passed away after he crashed his bicycle trying to flee a magpie.

That being said, they are a common sight in Australia, one that most people are familiar with… like this dad right here.

This kid must have got to close to a nest because he is seen just given’er on his scooter with a magpie hot on his tail. The kid screams for his life as the bird continuously pecks as his back, and lucky for the kid, he has a helmet on.

The man filming, presumably dad, laughs as the kid rides far down the side walk with the bird still following him.

The caption tops off the video.

“My son and I went riding our scooter and pushbikes. That was when I noticed Max being swooped by a Magpie. The second part is about Max going back and facing his fears.”

Welcome to life in Australia… if it isn’t the snakes or the spiders or the sharks or the crocodiles or the jellyfish…. it’s a damn bird that’s trying to kill you.

Now you know why Joe Rogan won’t go there…

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