234 Arrests Were Made, Dozens Hospitalized In Galveston County, Texas This Past Weekend During “Topless” Jeep Beach Bash

Galveston Jeep beach

Sounds like Galveston County, Texas turned into a county wide version of Project X this past weekend.

According to KHOU, approximately 30,000 people flocked to Crystal Beach for a Jeep weekend, and needless to say, uncontrollable was an understatement…

We’re talking about tons of booze, uncontrollable crowds, and “topless” Jeeps at the beach.

The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office reported that there were an unofficial total of 234 arrests made by yesterday afternoon.

It appears to be a yearly thing now at this point, with the mayor even going as far as to say the weekend was “successful.”

Major Ray Nolan told the outlet:

“Overall it’s been a successful event. We’ve had about the same number of arrests as last year.”

As of yesterday, 234 arrests were made, and a total of 283 charges were filed, including 13 felonies. There were also two people flown to the hospital since last Thursday night, and about 40 more were taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

Nolan continued:

“We feel like we got a pretty good handle on the overall safety of it. We’re just trying to get through… and try to get everybody home safe.”

The sheriff’s office also noted that one woman was in “critical condition” after she suffered a head injury from falling out of a truck. The driver was charged with DUI.

Authorities also reported an armed robbery on the beach that is still being investigated.

Listen, I’m all for a good time, but this sounds like Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on steroids. I don’t think you’ll be catching me in Galveston at the end of May anytime soon.

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A beer bottle on a dock