Watch An Avalanche In Yosemite National Park’s Tenaya Canyon Near Half Dome


The weather may be warming around the country, but that doesn’t apply to the snowy and ever dangerous Sierra Nevada mountain peaks that run through Yosemite National Park.

Earlier this month, a hiker named Jeremy Evans was out in the Tenaya Canyon when one of nature’s most impressive displays unfolded right before his eyes.

Snow started running from one of the ridges in front of him and before long, a full on avalanche began.

Fortunately for us, Jeremy is a professional camera man and was able to get some incredible footage of it. He had the following to say on the video he posted.

“Safely viewed from the Snow Creek trail. I just cleared the tree line when I saw the snow coming down, dropped my hiking poles and pulled out my iPhone, that’s all I had time for.

For all you armchair experts out there. this was shot handheld on an iPhone, I’m a union camera man (International Cinematographers Guild) next time I’ll ask for the snow to wait while I set up a tripod, video head, and my 6K video camera. Ha ha!”

Hard to imagine people giving him a hard time for this shot, but hey, the internet will be the internet…

He even gave a reference point to exactly where the avalanche occurred, which was just to the left (from the camera’s view) of Half Dome, a popular hiking attraction.

Just goes to show how quickly things can change when up on the mountains.

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