Morgan Wade Releases Beautiful Live Performance Video Of “Psychopath”

Morgan Wade country music
Morgan Wade/Youtube

I could listen to Morgan Wade sing all damn day.

Last week, she announced that her sophomore studio album Psychopath is slated to drop on August 25th, and she released this title track and lead single this past Friday.

It’s a love song unlike any other one I’ve really ever heard before, and of course, Morgan’s vocals sound superb and it makes me all the more excited to hear the full record in a few short months.

She admitted that the song is a bit unassuming in terms of the title and what the actual subject matter means, saying:

“It’s like ‘What the hell was I doing before I met you? I don’t even f***ing know!’

When you look at the title, you don’t assume that’s a love song. But it is. I kinda dig that.”

And today, she released a new live performance video of the song and I just can’t get enough… she somehow just always sounds better in a live setting.

Do yourself a favor and check it out:


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