Fishermen Haul In Tournament Record 776-Pound Blue Marlin At 2023 Orange Beach Billfish Classic

BLue Marlin

Tons of anglers gathered together this past weekend to compete in the 2023 Orange Beach Billfish Classic Tournament, in Orange Beach, Alabama.

The annual fishing tournament aims to provide financial support for organizations that are committed to growing recreational fishing, and has ultimately became one of the top fishing events on the Gulf Coast and a major fundraiser for the Billfish Foundation. The tournament has raised and donated over $730,000 to the Billfish Foundation, and other conservation entities, according to the tournament’s website.

With that being said, this year’s event resulted in a tournament record, as the winning team was able to land a MASSIVE 776.4 pound blue marlin.

Brian Stover was the fisherman who was able to reel in the big’n, as the blue marlin became the heaviest fish in the tournament’s 27 year history.

The 776.4 pounder won first place by a landslide, as the second place fish weighed in at 548.6 pounds, and the third at 528.4 pounds.

Man, I simply cannot fathom catching a fish this massive, and to win that kind of money too? It’s like winning the lottery twice.

Here’s the winning team with the 776.4 pounder:

Mollie with a 776.4lbs. Blue Marlin…2023 Orange Beach Billfish Classic Tournament Winner and tournament record for heaviest Blue Marlin weighed at the OBBC

And the second place team at 548.6 pounds:

Miss Mary with a 548.6 lb. Blue Marlin

Here’s some of the action:

Footage of Reel Fire reeling in their 107” Blue Marlin this morning!

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock