Colorado Man Shocked To See Four Mountain Lions On His Porch

Mountain Lions on Colorado man's porch

One mountain lion is a problem, so what would you call this?

A Conifer, Colorado man was drinking coffee and getting ready for an early morning workout when he decided to look out at his back porch and enjoy the views, but instead of a nice Rocky Mountain landscape, he was greeted by four vicious killers.

A family of mountain lions had jumped up on the porch and were poking around, which is of course incredible to witness given how rare they are, but also extremely scary.

It appears it was a mother and three almost mature cubs who found a pot of water and took the opportunity to hydrate for the day’s activities of hunting some poor creature.

Female lions usually weigh around 100 pounds and while the cubs weren’t fully grown, they looked more than capable of causing some serious damage, especially to a pet that gets a bit too far from home.

The man alerted his neighbors, who said they have spotted a mountain lion a few times, but never more than one and certainly not four at the same time.

The man’s next-door neighbor posted the video to Facebook and said the following.

“HOLY CATS! This was taken at 6am this morning from my next door neighbors porch. We share a driveway and are about a 30 second walk from each other.

When the lions go under the trailer they are headed into my yard. Good LORD! My little Pete is now on a leash 24/7!”

Better keep an eye on old Petey…

As the saying goes, if you see one it’s already too late, so I hope this community is keeping a close eye out for these predators.

But my goodness what an amazing sight.

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