Black Bears Send A Group Of Tourists Running Across Bridge At Yellowstone National Park

Running from black bear at Yellowstone

How many times do we have to say it… stay far away from wildlife.

There’s just no sense in getting close up for a picture, your life, or even injuries are not worth it.

Yeah sure, the odds are in your favor to walk away unharmed even when you do have a close encounter. But, why would a person ever try to get closer and gamble with their lives?

I just have a feeling as long as there’s National Parks and tourists, we will see stupid videos pop up all the time. The only benefit to it, is the enjoyment I get seeing these folks panicked after doing something extremely stupid.

A mother and her three cubs, which are getting fairly large themselves, are seen walking across a bridge with a whole group of tourists pulled over to snap some pics of them.

Now, let’s think about this. A group of tourists thought it was a good idea to get closer to a mother bear on a structure that only has two open ends both of which are plugged full of stupid tourists. There needs to be little bit of thought happening before you do these things.

Not only are they risking getting charged or attacked they are also severely stressing out these animals.

Tourists begin to run as the group of bears move closer to the end. The panic in their faces is nice to see.

Also, did you not know that running away is one of the worst things you can do?

The people finally clear enough away so that the bears make a dash for the woods on the other side.

The sad part is, there’s information on these animals all over these parks, employees that work tirelessly to make sure people are safe and still endless amounts of people put themselves in these situations.

My only question is, what’s going to happen in the next one?

Black Bear Munches On Helpless Elk Calf

Nature is a cruel beast.

Often times the cutest and most vulnerable out there have very slim chances of surviving. Bears loves when it’s calving season. It’s the time when a good meal is easiest to catch.

Sure, they could run the risk of having to fight and elk or moose mother, but usually, it’s far easier to take down a calf than it is a full grown elk.

And then sometimes, like this case, they stumble upon a lone calf and have the easiest meal of them all.

An adult bear eats up to 30-pounds of food per day, might as well get it the easiest way possible to conserve energy for tomorrow when there’s no lone elk calf hangin’ in the grass.

A fair warning for this one… this is nature at its finest. If you don’t like the fact that these animals need to eat animals to survive, move along.

The video starts with a fair size black bear wondering around with its nose to the ground, hot on the trail of something. A bear’s sense of smell is so strong that it can smell something up to 20 miles away.

The bear finally comes up on a the elk calf laying in tall grass, make its move, and just starts throwing it around.

The poor calk can be heard crying for help as the bear goes to town on it, but not help is coming. Nature can be a wild place. It’s pretty amazing seeing these giant bears hunt regardless of how violent they may be. It’s nature in action.

The bear drags the elk all around hells half acre all while its holding on for dear life, still kicking. The poor thing had a long and violent ending to a short life. But that’s what needs to happen out there to keep things in order.

To end the insane video off properly, there is extremely clear footage of the bear laying down and eating the calf, picking it apart.

It might be a little gross, but its also pretty freakin’ awesome in its own right.

Tourists Get Too Close To Grizzly Bear At Grand Teton

Every day, nearly a million people file into the various national parks around the country, and every day, there’s inevitably a number of morons in the bunch.

You’ve seen the idiots of Yellowstone, but this group comes to us from Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Part of the thrill of going to a national park is encountering nature in a way that you never have before. Grizzly bears, bison, elk, wolves, deer… you can see a wide variety of species in parks like Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain National Park, but the number one thing to keep in mind is safety.

Most parks recommend that you stay at least 100 yards from grizzly bears…. yeah, a hundred yards, the size of a football field. Why? Because if a bear decides to charge you, it’ll be on your ass in a hurry.

And when you bears get EXTRA protective? Around their cubs and… food.

Like a delicious elk carcass.

This bear in particular drew quite the crowd along the side of the road, and lucky for them, it was too focused on the kill to pay much mind to the growing crowd.

But with a number of children outside of the vehicles, it’s not hard to see why this video might make someone knows a thing or two about grizzly bear behavior a little uneasy.

“Some might think that this griz would be too occupied to care about the tourons, but this is probably one of the most dangerous positions to be in.

Grizzly Bears become very protective when it comes to their food, he might think that these people are a threat and it would take him literally seconds to reach one of these tourons!”

Keep your distance folks… or maybe just stay in the car.

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