Trail Camera Captures Insane Video Of Monster Buck With A Firework Show In The Background

Buck fireworks

This doesn’t happen every day…looks like it’s straight out of a movie or something.

White-tailed deer are medium-sized deer that can weigh up to 300 pounds but average closer to 100 in most areas. They have antlers that form a basket shape on their head and are favored far and wide for the difficulty of the hunt, their beauty and excellent tasting meat.

One of the most striking features of white-tailed deer is the antlers bucks grow. Antlers are bony structures that grow and are shed annually. The growth process is regulated by hormones, and antlers reach their full size during the summer. Antlers serve various purposes, including competition for mates and defense against predators. They are shed in the late winter or early spring, and the process begins anew with the growth of a new set.

Trail cameras have become invaluable tools for wildlife enthusiasts and hunters alike, providing a unique opportunity to observe white-tailed deer in their natural habitat. From time to time these cameras are placed in coincidentally perfect locations to capture things people would never see otherwise.

This trail camera captured the most beautiful video I have ever seen. It looks like an ad campaign for big bucks and let me tell you, I’m sold.

A massive white-tail is seen in the night. In the background a huge display of fireworks lights up the sky. The deer walks out into the middle of the camera view just as they explode as if it was all planned.

That would be quite the find on the trail camera.

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