“Jelly Roll: Save Me” Documentary To Be Released At End Of The Month

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Ashley Osborn

If you are a fan of the multi-talented, genre-bending artist Jelly Roll, the newly announced documentary chronicling his journey will be something to look forward to.

ABC News Studios announced back on May 9th that this up close and personal look at the 38-year-old singer-songwriter, titled Jelly Roll: Save Me, will be released onto Hulu in the same week that his debut country album Whitsitt Chapel comes out (June 2nd). The documentary will shed light on his life, his struggles with mental health and addiction, and his blossoming stardom.

Jelly Roll, whose actual name is Jason DeFord, took a rather unique path in becoming a recognizable and respected artist. His loyal fanbase has followed him from his humble beginnings when he was selling mix tapes out of the back of his car, and though he might’ve struggled in his personal life, his musical creation was the one constant that he had.

Jelly Roll’s dedication to his craft and his unique ability to blend classic rock, country, old-school rap, and soul allowed for his transparent and raw music making to amass over four billion views on YouTube.

It was his 2020 single “Save Me,” which of course shares the same name as his upcoming documentary, that rocketed Jelly Roll into superstardom. The vulnerable song was viewed over 160 million times on his YouTube account and was given a platinum certification from the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

Fans are excited to see what Jelly Roll will be able to do with his highly anticipated Whitsitt Chapel, which aims to showcase both his country music ability and country comfortability. The single releases from the album already (“Need A Favor,” “She”) have been met with excitement from fans and critics, and it seems like the album will be just as unvarnished and inspiring as his new documentary will be.

Jelly Roll: Save Me will give fans an all-access look with exclusive footage and interviews from the music sensation’s biggest tour to date. Specifically, the film will focus on his return to his hometown of Nashville, playing at the town’s famed Bridgestone Arena.

With increased access, never-before-seen tour footage, and interviews with musicians and others close to him, the documentary will tell the story of the formerly incarcerated artist who is now dedicating his craft and his life to raise awareness and money for at-risk youth across the country.

The film of the same name as the hit that burst him into the limelight will take fans back to the darker times in Jelly Roll’s life, show how he balances his life with the philanthropic work that he is passionate about, and how he aims to inspire and change other people’s lives.

There is even a scene that shows the CMT Music Award winner going back to the same juvenile detention facility that he was housed in multiple times during his formative years.

The stripped down documentary will begin streaming on Tuesday, May 30th on Hulu. If you need to pass the time until then, you can take time to listen to the raw version the song that introduced us all to the uber-talented country-rock-rapper:

Or feel free to crank the volume on the two singles he has already released from the upcoming Whitsitt Chapel country album:

“Need A Favor”


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