Black Bear Sniffs Tourist Waiting For A Bus: “I Would, Just Like… Be Chill”

Black Bear

Excuse me ma’am, is this the A Line?

A tourist in Whistler, British Columbia got quite the surprise when a curious black bear decided to get a good whiff of her while waiting for a bus.

Natalie Wannamaker, who took the video, was on her way home when she struck up a conversation with Charlotte, a tourist from Britain, when a black bear emerged from out of the woods and approached the visitor.

While it didn’t appear like the bear was angry or annoyed, it’s obviously a terrifying situation, as we’ve seen what these guys are capable of when they get the urge to have some meat.

Charlotte did a great job of remaining calm while the bear did it’s thing while Natalie did her best to talk the woman through the experience.

“Uhm, I would just like, chill… It’s a black bear, so like, if you, like, talk, then like, I dunno make it aware of you, like you’re fine.”

That probably could have been phrased better, but hey, it had to be very stressful for all involved and just hearing someone else’s voice had to be reassuring in itself.

Fortunately the tourist didn’t have any food on her that caught the bear’s attention and it moved on, leaving her unharmed with nothing more than a cool story to tell.

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