Yellowstone Bison Obliterates Wooden Boardwalk With Its Weight

Bison Yellowstone

That boardwalk never stood a chance…

A bison was walking around Yellowstone National Park when it came across a wooden pedestrian boardwalk and decided that the walkway was in its way.

The footage was actually captured last year, but who is to say that it hasn’t happened again more recently? Maybe we should stop putting man-made paths in the way of the natural wanderers of the land?

I don’t blame this bison at all. I actually applaud it.

The massive beast probably didn’t mean to break through the wood like it did, but I like to imagine that it said “get this s**t out of my way” with its first powerful step. It makes the video a better watch if you think that, just take my word for it.

A news station in Wyoming shared the footage of the bison breaking through the boardwalk within Yellowstone National Park, though it was actually first recorded by a man named Adam Nigels. The video has since circulated around social media, and now has found its way onto the “Riff Outdoors” tab of Whiskey Riff (breaking the 4th wall here, just like the bison broke the boardwalk).

The video makes you realize just how big the bison that roam the fields of Yellowstone are. People along the walkway are just casually filming the wild animal as it “creates its own way” through the wooden structure.

Compared to the people in the background, the bison looks like one of the biggest grazing animals you’ll ever see. Bison have been known to grow to just over 2,000 pounds, which is a full ton for those keeping track at home.

The bison is just casually walking along and minding its own business when it comes up to the boardwalk. It is a classic “can’t go over it, can’t go under it” scenario, so the massive animal just decides to go right through it.

As it makes its first step, the wood immediately buckles and cracks underneath the weight of the large bison. It almost looks like the wild animal is a little surprised or even remorseful when it happens, but then it carefully walks across the rest of the way and jumps down.

Another bison follows closely behind and happens to not add any more damage to the wooden boardwalk. The original person who took the video, Adam Nigels, described the clip with this caption:

“The Yellowstone bison can be very dangerous up close.

However, in this moment, they were simply trying to cross the boardwalk and wanted nothing to do with the surrounding people.”

And for those that were wondering, the regular “pedestrians have the right of way” does not apply on the boardwalks of Yellowstone.

That “right of way” is actually reserved for all of the wild animals roaming the park, with absolutely no exceptions (not even if you are in a hurry, Karen).

The parks still advise for visitors to keep the 25 yard buffer zone between themselves and the wild animals, even if they happen to bust up the wooden structure you are walking on.

Doesn’t look like some of those people in the video are 25 yards away though…

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