Massive Family Fight Breaks Out At Disney World Only A Few Yards Past The Entrance

Disney fight

I think one of the biggest lies told to the public is that Disney World/Disneyland is “the happiest place on Earth.”

I mean c’mon, it takes you about an hour wait to get on every attraction, and it’s shoulder to shoulder anywhere you look or walk. Not to mention, you need to donate at least one kidney from each person in your family just to salvage enough money for a few tickets.

And the Disney adults… man, there’s just something about seeing a grown person running around with Mickey Mouse ears and crying the second they step into the place that absolutely terrifies me. But THAT’S a different story…

Whenever you have thousands and thousands of people all together in one place from just about every walk of life, there’s bound to be a few disagreements…

And on rare occasions, fights.

And speaking of Disney fights, we had one that went down on Monday at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, and it was GNARLY.

According to FOX 35 Orlando, this wild fight happened all because of a disagreement over a photo op. And sure enough, that led to a bunch of haymakers and headlocks being thrown just past the entrance of Magic Kingdom.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said they responded to the theme park around 2:30 PM.

There was apparently one family standing in front of the sign, when another family wanted to take a picture. One family member asked another to move, and next thing you know all hell broke lose and the fists were flying.

At least one person was medically treated, but they didn’t press charges. Two others had to leave the park.

Man, imagine dropping all that money to go to Disney World, only to not even make it a few feet past the entrance?

Ya hate to see it…

Check it out:

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