Game Wardens Charge After Grizzly Bear Trying To Scare Him Off Golf Course

Bear golf course

These officers have some balls…

Anyone willing to run straight at a grizzly, especially one they most certainly just pissed off, is more brave than me.

These game wardens usually love what they do, but often are in some dangerous situations when it comes to wildlife.

Grizzly bears are known for their massive size and sharp claws, they are a formidable predator that commands respect. They are one of the largest land mammals in North America, with males weighing up to 600 pounds and some having been over 800. Their diet consists mainly of vegetation, such as roots, berries, and grasses, but they are also opportunistic predators, and will eat anything from moose to bison and all smaller animals.

Jasper National Park, located in the Canadian Rockies, is home to a thriving population of grizzly bears. The park offers visitors the opportunity to view these majestic animals in their natural habitat.

Grizzly bears have been known to wander onto golf courses in search of food or water. With many garbage cans around with tons of vegetation, it’s not surprising to see one there. Most interactions with grizzlies end quickly with them running away. But, sometimes they are curious, hungry or just used to people.

In national parks these bears often become habituated and need to be chased off or relocated for visitors’ safety. That’s where the park wardens come in.

These wardens are seen approaching a grizzly right on the 7th tee box. The grizzly stands its ground and they shoot it with a rubber bullet.

Immediately after the shot, they take off running right for the bear.

Talk about dedication. These wardens are amazing.

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