Dustin Johnson Has Everyone Believing He Injured His Back During Sexy Time With His Wife, Paulina Gretzky

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Jonathan Ferrey/LIV Golf via Getty Images

Dustin Johnson is probably living the dream in his own mind.

The guy signed a $150 million deal to play on the LIV Golf Tour, meaning he doesn’t even have to win or make cuts… he’s just got cash flowing in from left and right.

And on top of that, the 24-time PGA Tour married his long time fiancée Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky…

Incase you were wondering, Paulina is rather easy on the eyes…

With that being said, Johnson may have alluded to a fun night with ol’ Paulina in a LIV Golf interview, that may or may not have resulted in him pulling a back muscle earlier this year.

In the interview, Johnson was asked:

“What did you do to your back?”

And he responded:

“I just pulled a muscle, lower back.”

The reporter asked again:

“Swinging a club or lifting up a kid?”

And that’s when Johnson hilariously responded with a massive grin:

“No… Yeah, lifting up a kid, a bigger kid.”

Next thing you know the whole room erupted with laughter.

So there’s only one explanation to what “lifting up a kid, a bigger kid” means…

And that means he was either wrestling with Paulina, or they were doing the deed… or all of the above. I suppose he might’ve been “swinging a club” as well…

Regardless, you have to love the hilarious honesty from ol’ DJ right here.

Check it out:

My favorite comment…

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