Youth Baseball Coach And Umpire Brawl On The Pitcher’s Mound During Tournament In Alabama

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Really didn’t like that call, eh?

We’ve seen youth sports get intense before.

Of course the sad part is it’s usually the adults who take things too far. The kids understand that it’s supposed to be for fun. These guys aren’t going to earn a spot on an MLB roster because of what they do in their 11-year old baseball league. It’s just not that serious.

Like these guys, for instance.

Video posted to Facebook shows an angry coach for the DC Patriots, an 11-U team from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, arguing with an umpire at the pitcher’s mound during a tournament this past weekend in Calera, Alabama.

After the two make contact, the umpire wraps his arms around the coach and the two fall to the ground as other umpires, parents and coaches rush out to try to break the two up, and the kids just stand there watching and trying to figure out what to do.

And even after being separated, the umpire still tries to go after the coach again until the two are eventually taken in their separate directions.

The brawl, which took place during an 84-team tournament hosted by Grand Slam Alabama, was reportedly over a “misinterpretation of a ruling and what should happen on the field as a result.”

According to, all parties involved in the fight have been reprimanded and Grand Slam Alabama director Darren Bright said the organization levied “significant” penalties on both of them.

“There is never a place for an instance like this, especially in front of kids who just want to play the game of baseball. Rest assured, that we have taken appropriate action toward all the individuals we have deemed as being responsible to include – but not limited to – lengthy suspensions from all Grand Slam events.”

Insane. Can’t we just let the kids play baseball without the adults having to ruin it?

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