Watch Incredible Underwater Video Of An Osprey Hammering A Fish

Osprey Bird

Never seen this one before…

Birds of prey are some wild creatures. You don’t generally think of birds as straight up savages but these raptors are trained killers. Seeing these beasts in action is always a treat, but this is a whole new viewpoint.

Ospreys are fairly large birds, with an average wingspan of 5 to 6 feet. Ospreys’ undersides are predominantly white with dark streaks throughout their body, and they have a sharp, hooked beak made for catching and tearing their prey.

When it comes to their diet, ospreys have an undeniable love for fish. In fact, nearly all of their diet is fish with estimates that they are more than 99% of their food intake.

Ospreys hunting abilities are known far and wide. They sit and scout on a perch until they spot a fish moving. Then they take off in a fast dive with their wings closed until they nearly are at the water, in a flash they spread out as they strike the water feet first. They can dive up to three feet deep and use their sharp talons to grip onto their target.

This is always amazing to see, but this photographer captured a unique view on this predator’s hunt.

Photographer Andy Howard got an amazing video of this osprey in action from underwater.

The video shows fish swimming around with an osprey hammering down through the water, straight to the bottom where he nails a fish. The bird then flaps its wings once to propel itself back to the surface.

What a bird… this thing spotted that out and hit it perfectly from way up in the sky.

What an angle on that action.

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