Man Sinks The Putt With A Big Ol’ Bear Starring Him Down

Bear golf

I would miss that.

I mean, it would be a little hard to stay calm and focus with a bear literally staring you down. I also wouldn’t want to have my back to the thing.

Black bears are large animals that can weigh as much as 600 pounds but tend to be much smaller. They are agile creatures that can run fast, dig and climb, all of which they usually only do for food.

Black bears are opportunistic omnivores, meaning they consume both plant and animal matter. Their diet varies throughout the year, adapting to the available food sources. In spring and summer, they graze on vegetation, such as grasses, plants, berries, fruits, and nuts. As the seasons change, they may supplement their diet with insects, small mammals, fish, and dead animals.

Occasionally, black bears venture into human-populated areas, including golf courses. These encounters happen in many areas that have bears as they become used to finding easy food in urban settings. Golf courses provide tons of garbage cans all around along with a lot of vegetation that they can get at.

Most bear encounters end with them running away. When they don’t, bears can get agitated and charge for many reasons. Turning your back on one is never a great idea.

These golfers needed to prove a point though. Clearly, this guy loves pressure.

The man is seen with his back turned to a black bear who stares him down as he attempts to sink a putt on the green.

The man looks at the bear, turns and swings his putter. He sinks the shot with the pressure of a bear on him.

What a shot. Now get out of there.

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