Wildlife Filmmaker Left Bloodied After Vicious Brown Bear Attack: “I Must Take The Blame, It’s Not The Bear’s Fault”

German filmmaker

This is every hiker and hunter’s worst nightmare.

According to the New York Post, 63-year-old German documentarian Andreas Kieling was brutally attacked by a brown bear while filming rare birds in the Carpathian Mountains in Central Europe.

It all went down while Kieling “entered the animal’s territory.”

The award-winning filmmaker weighed in on the terrifying attack:

“It happened incredibly quickly. The bear came thundering out of the bushes. My instincts helped me to put up the tripod as some kind of protective shield. Then I rammed it into the bear’s mouth… I just tried to protect my neck and my head.”

Although the camouflaged Kieling was quick thinking and was able to save his own life, the bear still managed to bite into his upper left arm, and tear into his head and face:

“I was convinced (my arm) would be fractured. Then it lunged at my left lower arm… it’s seriously injured.”

Kieling also said:

“It’s hard to determine how it all happened. There are numerous possible reasons. The bear is not to blame.”

The possibilities include mating season, a fresh kill was nearby, or that the bear was a mama bear with cubs to protect.

In defense of the bear, he said that:

“Bears don’t exist to kill us. In fact, we are living in parallel societies.

Bears perceive humans as another predatory species, just like wolves, hyenas, tigers or leopards… as long as there’s no conflict situation, nothing will happen. In fact, bears are shy creatures.

I must take the blame. It was not the bear’s fault. I entered the animal’s territory.”

You can check out the wild pictures from the attack below:

And the video explanation:

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