Man Slaps A Woman After She Spits On Him In Wild Fight During Cleveland Guardians Game

Guardians Game fight

It’s no secret that at every sporting event, there’s bound to be some type of altercation break out.

Whether it’s verbal or physical, something is going to unfold when you have thousands of fans gathering together… drunk.

And our latest example went down at the Cleveland Guardians game on Saturday, when they squared off against the Los Angeles Angels at Progressive Field.

Unfortunately there isn’t any sound in the video, but you can see things were getting dicey off the bat when a man in a blue pullover (with a brand new dish of nachos) appeared to be getting into an argument with another fan in a hat and red shirt.

Red shirt gets out of his seat, and then a woman in the red shirt gets involved in the heated exchange… And naturally, it all went south from there.

She then appears to spit on the guy in the red shirt, and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

The guy in the red shirt proceeds to swing on the woman, making contact with her a couple of times before pushing her down into the seats.

The man in the blue pullover comes to the woman’s defense (down goes the nachos) and shoves the guy in the red shirt, and the two end up falling over into the seats before being separated by surrounding spectators.

It’s uncertain what sparked the initial feud, but clearly being spit on was enough for red shirt to start swinging.

The Guardians ended up defeating the Angels 8-6, aside from the wild fight that broke out in the stands.

Check it out:

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