Curious Grizzly Bear Climbs Right Up On Top Of Airplane In Alaska

Bear climbs on airplane

These grizzlies just don’t stop.

It seems like curiosity always gets the better of them and they’re up to no good. Well, it’s good when it’s not happening anywhere near me…

They are just to smart for their own good.

A curious grizzly is a scary one, just because they are so large, territorial, and such good predators… but something tells me you don’t want one climbing on your small plane before take off either.

But, it happened up in Chinitna Bay, Alaska, where these bears thrive due to an abundance of resources in the mostly untouched environment.

As this bear puts its paws up on the tail of the plane it drops straight to the ground, and the bear takes that as an invitation to climb right on up. It walks right up onto the main section of the plane as people just film from afar.

Bear looking like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible…

I imagine this bear thinking he’s going to make it to a new place when he climbed on up. But I think he’s a little big for the plane. Even though the people filming called him a curious juvenile.

“In Chinitna Bay, we had a curious juvenile bear that likes the plane. She was always curious about airplanes. This was probably the third or fourth encounter we had with her.

The first few times she would just push the tail down, but we were able to chase her off. I’m this video we were too far away and she climbed up on the aircraft”

Alaska, what a place… where bears climb up on airplanes.

This is something you certainly don’t see every day.

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