Taylor Swift Yells At Overzealous Security Guard During ‘Eras Tour’ Show In Philadelphia

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How appropriate that this moment happened during “Bad Blood.”

Apparently during Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour show tonight at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, T. Swift had some bad blood with a security guard who was taking their job a little too seriously.

You know the kind, you’re just enjoying yourself and all of a sudden Paul Blart comes up and tells you that you’re 2 inches too far into the aisle, completely ruining your vibe as you’re trying to enjoy a show. Like, relax dude, you’re not the Secret Service, you’re a contract security guard with a walkie talkie in case shit actually gets out of hand.

Well during tonight’s show, Taylor apparently didn’t like the way security was treating one fan – and she called him out in the middle of the song.

It’s not clear from the video what was going on between the fan and the security guard, but Taylor clearly has eyes on it and tells the security guard:

“She’s fine! She wasn’t doing anything!”

Taylor then goes back to singing, but apparently the security guard wasn’t done so Taylor had to intervene on behalf of the Swiftie once again:

“Hey, stop!”

And she even throws one more “stop” in there in time with the song for good measure.

Some fans who claim to have been near the confrontation said it was a result of security trying to remove people who they claimed were too close to the barricade by the stage:

Here’s the video of Taylor calling the security guard out:

And here’s a zoomed out view where you can see the security in the area that seems to have drawn Taylor’s attention.

As much as those people paid for those tickets, and everything they had to do to get them, they better be able to do whatever they damn well please.

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