Hungry Brown Bear Plummets Off Cliff Trying To Attack Sow & Her Cubs

Bears fall off mountain

That’s a tumble he wasn’t expecting.

These animals will stop at nothing when it comes to mating.

Brown bears are ferocious predators that will eat just about anything they can drive their teeth into, from rotting meat (their favorite) to their own kind…

They are known to attack their own kind to prompt a breeding cycle in the females so they can breed with them again.

It’s just another example of how brutal nature can be…animals will kill their own species just to spread their seed. That’s dominance…

MeatEater says this video comes from Spain, but it shows a male brown bear going at a female and her young. The shaking video in a mountainous area shows a female walking up on a hill top with two cubs when a male runs out of nowhere.

The two start to have it out and end up wrestle on the side of the mountain. The male seems to be getting the better end of the fight as he is much larger as the two cubs hide away behind some rocks.

Then out of nowhere the pair of fighting bears flip over and fall down a large rock face. The male literally skips and rolls down the hill to his death. The female is said to have survive the incident.

Can you imagine attacking something this violently in hopes of breeding with her in a few days? Nature can be a cruel beast, that’s for sure.

Unfortunately, the male paid the ultimate price for the move, with the female and her cubs surviving the attack… nature’s karmic justice.

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