Groom Makes Incredible “Dukes Of Hazzard” Wedding Entrance In The General Lee While Being Chased By Police

Dukes of Hazzard

Just a good ol’ boy…

I’ve seen some creative wedding entrances before. But this one may just top them all.

Video posted online shows a North Carolina groom making his grand entrance at his wedding, Dukes of Hazzard style.

As the guests are seated for the outdoor wedding, police sirens begin to blare in the distance as Waylon Jennings’ iconic theme song from the show begins to play.

Then the General Lee comes flying up the gravel road, with the local police following close behind. And as the vehicle comes to a stop, out pops the groom from the passenger window, dressed for the occasion and ready to meet his bride at the altar.

Just incredible.

But you’ve gotta wonder, did they already have a replica General Lee, or did they have a buddy with one just sitting around in their garage? Did they create one just for this wedding entrance? (If so, worth it).

I also wonder how much convincing it took for the bride to agree to let her future husband do this at their wedding. Or maybe they’re both just big Dukes of Hazzard fans.

Bo and Luke would be proud.

@tannerbryarnc Full video #fyp #dukesofhazzard #bushyfork #nc ♬ original sound – Tanner Martin

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