Woman Risks Everything To Cross Raging Waterfall On A Log At Glacier National Park

Glacier lady over waterfall

Well folks, it doesn’t get any more stupid than this…

I just want to know what is the point? There is none. With any common sense a person can tell you that that water would end your life.

It’s a raging waterfall in a mountainous area, so there’s definitely fast rapid below. The water is blue because it’s coming off of glaciers, which means it is ice cold. The rock surrounding it would lead me to believe there’s also large rocks amongst the very fast and cold water for an extra chance to not survive.

Sure, the log is big and its doable, but… is it worth the risk?

And say you clear the log, then you gotta climb up the rocks to get back to the trail?

When you see this woman scooting her way across a log at St. Mary Falls in Glacier National Park, you can tell she’s not tight line walker and is a complete amateur. A great reason to not do this in such a risky area.

She scoots her way across and makes it to the other side safely. But you certainly can tell she’s not sound… gonna be a long trip for her, dodging death around every corner.

Just wait until she tries to pet a bison…

This is just another example of a tourist that should stay home, instead of ignorantly risking their life at a National Park.

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A beer bottle on a dock