The Tennessee Titans Asked People On Broadway To Identify NFL Team Logos And The Results Were Hilarious

The Red Stallions, eh?

NFL schedules for all 32 teams dropped yesterday, but ahead of the release, the Tennessee Titans headed down to lower Broadway in downtown Nashville to try to find some help announcing their 2023 schedule.

Well, they didn’t find much actual help, but they did get some pretty hilarious answers.

The team showed the (presumably) tourists various NFL team logos and asked them to identify the team, and – spoiler – the answers were way off.

There was the woman who thought the New Orleans Saints logo was the St. Louis Rams, a guy in a Grateful Dead t-shirt who clearly isn’t a football fan and thought that the Cleveland Browns logo was “just the football logo,” and a group of young ladies who confidently identified the Dallas Cowboys logo…when they were shown the logo for the Indianapolis Colts.

One young woman also identified the Atlanta Falcons logo as the “Red Stallions.” And while she might have been wrong at the time, it looks like she ended up with the right answer: After the video was released, the Falcons changed their name on Twitter to the Red Stallions, and even added her tagline – “Rawr” – to their bio.

Falcons Twitter

Ok, so we’ll count that one as a W.

Of course everybody on Broadway did know one team logo: The Tennessee Titans.

Gotta hand it to the Titans marketing team for giving everybody a good laugh on this one. But man, either these people had a few too many of those $12 beers on Broadway, or people really just aren’t watching the NFL these days.

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A beer bottle on a dock