Phillies Fan Goes Viral Giving A Lap Dance In The Stands

Phillies fan

All of a sudden, I’m a Philadelphia Phillies fan now.

Just kidding, I’ll be an Atlanta Braves fan ’til I die, but this woman right here did make Philly look a bit more enticing.

Whenever you go to a MLB game, the most off the wall entertainment you expect to see is a manager cussing an umpire out and getting tossed out of the game, or maybe even a fight between fans in the stands.

But a woman giving a lap dance, looking like she’s ready to get it on in the stands? Can’t say that’s on the top of my list of expectations to see when I go to a baseball game.

Sure enough, it happened, and it all went down at the Toronto Blue Jays vs. Phillies game last night.

One fan noticed a brunette woman rocking an unbuttoned Phillies jersey getting quite a bit flirty (maybe an understatement) with a person in the stands rocking a bucket hat in the stands.

At one point, she appears to even straddle the person, who many thought was a man, but was actually her friend.

“Everyone following me because of that video who thinks I was seducing a man, no just bestie.”

Not to mention, at the very end of the video the woman pulls down the top of her crop top, exposing her actual bra underneath.

Needless to say, I’m sure alcohol played quite the role in this move, but I’ll admit this was probably a lot more exciting than the Blue Jays and Phillies snooze fest, that ended with a Phillies 2-1 win.

Check it out:

She has since been identified as Adrienne Fabi, who describes herself on Instagram as a “hot mess.”

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