Man Finds A Massive Bison Skull Fossil Completely Intact In Iowa River

Bison skull

What a find.

Nothing beats finding old animal parts out in the wild. Whether it’s an antler, a spine or a full skull, it always leaves signs of what had happened.

Bison, also known as American buffalo, are majestic and iconic creatures of the North American landscape. They are the largest mammal in North America, with adult males weighing up to 2,000 pounds and standing up to 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Females are smaller, weighing up to 1,000 pounds and standing around 4-5 feet tall.

Bison are herbivores and primarily graze on grasses, sedges, and other vegetation. They are social animals and live in herds, with dominant males leading the group.

Once widespread across the Great Plains, their population was decimated by hunting and habitat loss in the 19th century. Today, bison can still be found but in much smaller wild numbers.

Iowa is no longer home to any wild bison but the land holds pieces telling the story of their existence in time.

This man looks for these pieces of the puzzle. He is out for a look in a river in Iowa, when he comes across a wicked find right in the middle of the water.

He kicks a bison horn and starts to pull on it to see what he found. It’s hard to pull form the sand, but ends up being an intact massive bison skull fossil.

That’s one of those things you just don’t find.

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