Hunter Playing With His Turkey Call While Taking A Sh*t In The Woods Calls One Out, Fires A Shot & Chases It With His Pants Down

turkey hunter

This is a nightmare.

When you’re out hunting, there may not be a worse feeling than sitting out in the woods, and all of a sudden you feel that Hardee’s biscuit you ate earlier creep up on you and you have to take a massive sh*t, with no bathroom in sight.

So, you’re forced to use nature’s restroom, and if you didn’t happen to bring toilet paper with you, you’re sh*t out of luck (no pun intended) and you’re going to be hating your life for however much longer you’re out there.

But, what situation could be worse than that when it comes to hunting?

I think I may have found it.

In this video, that awful feeling hit this hunter, and he had to drop the deuce in the middle of the woods.

I guess out of boredom, he started playing with his turkey call just to help pass the time.

However, it took a turn for the worse.

I guess the turkey call attracted a good sized turkey. How unlucky could this be? My guy could’ve been out there for hours trying to call in a turkey, and the time one finally shows up, it’s while he’s taking a number two?

Tough scene.

So, of course he wasn’t going to let it slip away, so he fired off a shot mid poop.

Next thing you know, you see him running in front of the trail camera towards the turkey with his pants halfway down his legs, bare a**.

Check it out:

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