Montana Man Finds MASSIVE Elk Skull While Foraging For Mushrooms

Elk skull montana

Absolute UNIT.

Unfortunately, it seems as though a hunter didn’t get to experience of taking down such a majestic beast.

The cause of death seems to be unknown, but one Montana man stumbled upon the remains of this old bull near Troy, Montana, while searching for mushrooms after a controlled burn last spring.

Taking up this dude’s entire kitchen , you almost have to wonder how he even got that thing through the front door.

“Y’all know I don’t give a rip about sheds or shed hunting. But a deadhead of this caliber deserves to be recognized for the awesome animal it was.

Montana bull. Gross: 439 inches. What a find!”

Of course, the skull is sitting on a table and he’s way behind it, giving the illusion that the rack is bigger than it probably truly is, but still, if the gross score is actually 439 inches (net 422), we’re looking at a bull that’s comparable to some of the biggest ever.

Granted, a lot of the comments don’t buy the story on how it was found, and some even claim it’s photoshopped, but looks pretty damn big to me.

I mean, look at this thing.

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Hunter Nicks Stomach Field Dressing Bull Elk

“This hunter wasn’t being careful while he field dressed this bull elk. Always guide the blade with your fingers so as to push the gut bag away, and to verify that your knife point isn’t close to the bag.”

However, according to Wide Open Spaces, there was a reason why this veteran hunter made the mistake.

He had stitches on on his other hand, the same hand he uses to guide the blade of his knife.

And after hauling that bad boy up a hill for about an hour, all the gasses built up right near the bottom of the stomach. One nick was all it took.

“About 3 days before I killed this bull I cut my left hand bad and had stitches so that is why I have gloves on. The cut was right between my left index and middle finger and so I couldn’t use them to gut like normal.

I didn’t even know if I could shoot my bow until I drew it back, thank god for adrenaline.”

As one YouTuber commented, “I can smell this video…”

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