Bowhunter Nails Turkey With Precision, Takes Head Clean Off With An Arrow

Turkey hunter


Now, that’s what I call shooting. There’s being a good shot and then there’s this.

Hunting with a bow is a true art. It takes patience, knowledge and a whole lot of practice. Hunting smaller animals makes that even harder, with the targets shrinking drastically.

Wild turkeys are a relatively large bird species, with toms typically weighing between 16 and 24 pounds and measuring up to four feet in length. Hens are slightly smaller, weighing between 8 and 12 pounds and measuring up to three feet in length. Both males and females have a distinctive, featherless head and neck, with males sporting bright red, white, and blue coloration during mating season.

Hunting wild turkeys has been a popular pastime for centuries, with early Native American tribes using the birds for food and for their feathers. Today, hunting turkeys is a popular sport among hunters, with many states offering turkey hunting seasons and licenses.

Hunting wild turkeys with a bow can be a challenging but rewarding experience for archery enthusiasts. The key to a successful hunt is to use camouflage everything as turkeys have great eyesight and hearing.

This hunter had it figured out to a T.

They are set up in the blind with a tom approaching. The bow gets drawn back and fired with a PERFECT shot.

The arrow is seeing nailing the turkey in the neck and taking its head right off with it.

What a shot… a clean and ethical kill with no damage to the meat.

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