Royals Pitcher Amir Garrett Makes The Highlight Reels Again… Yacking All Over The Mound

Amoir G MLB

Man, this is a tough look.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve been so nervous or felt so sick, that you ultimately just have to toss the cookies.

It’s the worst feeling in the world, but once you get it over with you feel a million times better.

However, I highly doubt any of us have ever done this on NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Well that nightmare became an unfortunate reality for Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Amir Garrett.

It all went down last night when the Royals were blowing out the Chicago White Sox at Kauffman Stadium in the seventh inning.

After throwing a pitch, you can see Garrett walk behind the mound and take a knee, appearing to be in pain of some sort.

Trainers ran out to check on the 31-year-old, and once they got out there, he just yacked all over the mound. He was then escorted off the field.

It’s uncertain what caused this, whether it was a stomach bug, getting overheated, or something else.

But, thankfully enough after the game he tweeted out:

“All good”

Now if the name Amir Garrett rings a bell for some reason, it might be because of his wild on field antics, as he’s one of the fiercest competitors out of all the relief pitchers in the MLB.

Last August, he threw a drink at a fan after the fan allegedly “disrespected him.” However, Garrett made up for it by sending the guy some jerseys as an apology.

And even better, he’s also known for trying to fight the entire Pittsburgh Pirates dugout back in 2019 while he was pitching for the Cincinnati Reds.

When Garrett makes the highlight reel… he owns it.

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