Bare-Fisted Brawl Breaks Out At The Kentucky Derby

Derby Brawl

The 149th annual running of the Kentucky Derby happened this past weekend, and it was quite the exciting event. Not only were the horses giving it their all in the “run for the roses,” but it appears that fancy dressed people were participating in brawls in the stands.

The fighting spirit is usually commending when the horses exhibit it, but it’s a little different when individuals in the stands do it.

The event at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky usually brings the best of the best. High level celebrities commonly attend, everyone wears their nicest bright clothing and big, stupid hats, and the royal family (R.I.P. the Queen) has even been known to attend the “fastest two minutes in sports.”

That’s why this fight video, in a place with so much dignity and history, is even better. All of the bright colored clothing in the background really brings out the bloody faces and knuckles in the foreground.

Why were these two gentlemen fighting? That is the million dollar question, and considering those who attend the event are often very wealthy, it could very well have been over a million dollars.

Maybe the two had bet on separate horses and got caught up in the heat of it all? One man could’ve had long shot odds on the horse “My Cousin’s Uncle,” while the other had a good feeling that the favorite “Tom Selleck Surprise” would win, and the fight escalated from there (yes, I made those horse names up, but they could easily be real).

I think what it really comes down to is saying that I have lived by my entire life: never trust a man in a salmon colored shirt.

When the video starts, the fight has already been going on for a couple of minutes. You can tell by the way the man in the light grey suit eye socket is gushing blood (it looks like his eye could even be gone). There are stupid big hats everywhere, and one bearded man in one of those dumb hats begins to drag away the guy in the grey suit as he covers his bleeding right eye with his palm.

The salmon shirt wearing gentlemen, who a) looks to be underdressed for the event and b) we’ll refer to as the “salmon man” from here on out, seems to have an untethered rage. As he is tackled to the ground, it’s clear his rabid urge to fight has yet to be satiated.

Salmon man then turns the fight on the person who was trying to stop him from fighting, all while people in their “Sunday Best” yell at them to knock it off.

Then, out of nowhere, a man in a brown suit (bold choice) comes into the scene, yelling and pointing at the salmon man. I’m not sure what his plan was, but if it it was to rev up the aggressive man in the salmon shirt even more, he succeeded.

The brown suited man doesn’t do a whole lot except point his finger, which everyone knows that when you point a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Lots of curse words are exchanged amongst the group of well dressed men and women, and the video finally comes to a conclusion as the salmon man gets back to his feet and is (hopefully) escorted out of the seats.

Watch the wonderfully dressed fight below:

Twitter users in the comments showed no mercy as they tore down everyone involved in the video:

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