Alligator Hisses At Group Of Tubers Floating Down Lazy Florida River


When you go tubing on the river, you typically go with the expectations of a relaxed day on smooth waters, enjoying a couple of brews, and forgetting about all of the stress from the outside world for a brief period of time…

However, what you DON’T expect is to run into a massive creature that has the capability to rip you to shreds if it feels threatened enough.

And that nightmare turned into a terrifying reality for these people.

It all went down on the Ichetucknee River in Florida, where a group of friends were floating down the lazy (gator-infested) river.

Everything was going smooth, and they were all enjoying a beautiful day on the water when all of a sudden the woman filming, Carole Chapuis, noticed something peculiar sitting on a log in the middle of the river.

Turns out, it was a big ol’ alligator, staring right at a girl in an innertube that was heading right in its direction.

And to make matters worse, the gator starts hissing at the girls.

The girls notice the creature last second, and immediately start to freak out (as you can imagine). Luckily, they were able to push themselves away from the direction of the gator, as the creature continued to hiss and give them the stank eye.

Chapuis told the New York Post:

“Chances are she was a mama gator protecting her nest.”

Needless to say, they dodged a bullet, and you’ll never catch me tubing in a saltwater river ever after watching this video.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock