Wild Video Footage Shows “Unicorn Elk” Walking Around With Antler Growing From Forehead

Elk COlorado

Yep, I feel like I just watched a scene from Stranger Things.

If you live in states like Colorado, Montana, or Wyoming, then it probably isn’t too crazy to see an elk walking around a heavily populated area, much like deer here in the southeast for us.

You just let them cross and don’t bother them, and you just casually go about your day while the elk goes on with his or hers.

However, this specific elk sighting in Banff, Alberta, is one that this person filming will probably never witness again.

In this video, you can see an elk walking alongside a car in what appears to be a subdivision, or busy road. But this isn’t your average elk. This massive creature has an actual antler growing out of its forehead.

I would’ve had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t in the twilight zone.

Now the question remains, how does an elk end up with an antler growing out of its forehead? Well, there’s really no telling without knowing the creature’s history.

It could’ve been from an injury the creature suffered at a very young age that could stunt antler development, or it’s just plain old obscure genetics.

Hormones could also play a part in how the antler grew like this as well. Although this strange development is probably not causing the elk any harm, it could possibly hurt its ability to feed, and its ability to reproduce.

Nevertheless, it’s still a wild scene to capture from your car.

Check it out:

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