Watch Sierra Ferrell Put Her Unique Twist On Roger Miller’s “A Man Like Me”

Sierra Ferrell country music

Sierra Ferrell is becoming the queen of covers.

I have been in a rabbit hole these days of cover videos from her. Still itching for new music, but in the meantime, I will remain in awe of her ability to reimagine songs to fit her vibe.

Not only does she do some killer covers, but she tends to cover tunes from the folks that paved a historical path in country music.

From Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young to Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson, any artist you throw at her, I’m sure she could lay down an extremely memorable cover.

Adding to the list is a cover from the honky tonk legend Roger Miller.

Musical Moonshine Media released a cover filmed in the summer of 2022 of a Ferrell putting her twist on “A Man Like Me.” She appropriately adjusted the lyrics to “A Gal Like Me.”

The acoustic song was filmed in the woods near Laurel Cove Amphitheater in Kentucky and scratched all of the vintage country vibes that made 60s country so memorable.

Ferrell effortlessly nails every note of the tune, which of course, shows off her impressive and unique vocal ability.

Sierra Ferrell is truly a gem within the female artist space these days.

For fun, here is her performance of her hit “Jeremiah” from the same session.

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