Noah Gragson To Ross Chastain Before Getting Punched On Pit Road: “What The F*ck’s Your F*cking Problem?”

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We had yet another controversy involving Ross Chastain in the NASCAR world in Kansas, when Ross and Noah Gragson were seen getting into a verbal altercation that ultimately turned physical on pit road.

In the footage, you can see Gragson grab Chastain by the firesuit and began to push him.

That’s when all hell broke loose, when Chastain delivered a mean right cross to Gragson’s jaw.

The two were split up by some bystanders before things could get worse, but Chastain managed to get a clean lick on Gragson before the fight was over.

Chastain said that Gragson was upset because Chastain got tight coming off the corner, pushing Noah into the outside wall:

“I got tight off of (turn) four, for sure. And Noah and I have a very similar attitude on the racetrack…

I definitely crowded him up off of (turn) four, and he took a swipe at us in (turn) three, and then came down and grabbed ahold of me.

A very big man once told me we have a no-push policy here at Trackhouse.”

Gragson admitted that he was getting tired of getting wrecked by Chastain, and nobody is doing anything about it:

“I just got fenced by the #1. He took care of us at Talladega, and we’re Chevrolet teammates and didn’t work with us there, and then fenced us here and I’m just over it.

Nobody else has the balls to at least confront him. If you don’t at least just grab him and do something he’s just going to keep doing it.”

And now, NASCAR has released a much closer angle of the fight between Chastain and Gragson, where you can hear the words that were exchanged before Chastain took his swing.

Gragson approached Chastain and said:

“You f*cking doored us and fenced us.”

Chastain responded:

“I thought I would clear you.”

Gragson then grabbed Chastain’s firesuit and began pushing him while saying:

“You f*cking doored the f*ck out of us man. What the f*ck’s your f*cking problem dude?”

And before Gragson could even finish his sentence, Chastain was delivering a shot straight to the jaw.

Now to be fair, Ross was telling Chastain to stop grabbing him multiple times before he threw a punch. And I guess Chastain wasn’t joking about that “no-push policy” at Trackhouse Racing.

Man, ya gotta love some good NASCAR controversy.

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