Lainey Wilson Shows Off Her Dance Moves In New Music Video For “Grease”

Lainey Wilson country music

Lainey Wilson knows how to bust a move.

She just released a new music video for her song “Grease,” which was featured on her 2022 album Bell Bottom Country, and if you’ve ever clicked through her TikTok (or seen her in concert), then you’ve probably seen her dance moves on full display, so it’s fun to see her show ’em off in an official music video.

She shared a little bit about the background of how the video came to be, saying that two of the main dancers were actually break dancing at one of her shows in Charlotte, North Carolina last year and she knew she had to have them in a video one day:

“Grabbed myself a Sonic Strawberry Sprite Zero and threw ourselves a parkin lot party for the Grease music video.

I saw these guys about a year ago at one of my shows in Charlotte, NC and they were bustin. a. move. out in the crowd.

I thought it was the coolest thing they were breakdancing to country music so I tracked them down on socials and asked them if they’d want to be a part of this official, here we are! Y’all let me know what ya think!”

The song itself is really funky and fun, and was a co-write between Lainey, Jessi Alexander and Andrew Petroff.

And since Lainey just had two songs go number one in the last couple months, breaking the record for the shortest gap between #1 song for a female artist in 40 years, it seems like this will likely be her next single at country radio.

I’m pretty sure only Lainey could pull off a video like this, too… she’s just so damn cool.

Check it out:

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