Evander Kane’s Response To Fight With Keegan Kolesar: “Want To F*** Around, Sometimes You Gotta Find Out”

Evander Kane

Is NHL hockey the best sport of all sports solely because they allow bare fisted fights during their games?

Yes, I think it is.

Hockey fans and non-hockey fans alike can always come together to enjoy a good old fashioned bare knuckle brawl. A recent game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Las Vegas Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup Playoffs featured one of those bench-clearing throw downs.

Vegas was routing Edmonton, and tempers started to flare as the Oilers were on their way to tying the series. It was going to be tough for the Knights to come back in score, so they decided to “score some points” in another way.

As you’ll see in the video below, fights break out all across as the ice, and Edmonton’s Evander Kane decides to play a little dirty.

The video’s caption reads:

“Evander Kane with the fight code no no. You can’t be throwing punches when a guy is down and you’re on top of him.

Tempers flaring in the Game 2 rout in Vegas.”

It is funny that all out brawls still have “unwritten rules,” but I guess it’s understandable to not punch a man while he’s down.

There’s a possibility that every player on the rink had their gloves off throwing haymakers. I only say that because it took the referees quite a while to break up all of the fights, including Evander Kane’s.

Kane didn’t show any remorse after the Oilers closed out the game against the Golden Knights, winning 5 to 1 ahead of tonight’s game three.

After game 2, Edmonton’s star player had this to say after being asked about the fight and the cheap shots he delivered:

“When you want to f*** around, sometimes you gotta find out.”

I think it’s safe to say that there is some bad blood between the Golden Knights and the Oilers. As fun as it would be, NHL games aren’t decided by who lands the most punches.

Instead, whoever scores the most goals wins, and both teams are going to have to “f*** around and find out” who will come out victorious in the playoff series.

And for good measure, here is a picture from the fight that could easily be an album cover if Kane ever ventured into the music industry.

The hilarious picture is captioned:

“This fan gave Evander Kane the dirty birds as refs were breaking up a fight.”

Are we sure that isn’t Melissa McCarthy?

Here’s the full postgame interview:

And in case we’re not familiar with the “f*ck around and find out” axis, here’s a quick refresher:

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