Watch Tyler Childers’ Incredible Full Set From Stagecoach Festival

Tyler Childers country music
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Back in the swing of it.

Man, it’s good to see Tyler Childers back out on tour.

The lineup this year for Stagecoach was unreal, and the setlists from our favorite artists were insane. And of course Tyler Childers’ set was no exception.

It seems like the folks at Stagecoach should have had Tyler playing on the main stage, because the crowd SHOWED the hell up, spilling well out of the tent area surrounding the Palomino Stage.

I caught Childers’ show a few weeks prior in Texas and was shocked in the best way that the setlist was completely different for Stagecoach. Both setlists had the perfect mix of the old and new tunes.

But, at Stagecoach, he took some time to play the fiddle and let the California crowd know where his roots belong: The hills of Kentucky.

Tyler brought the crowd to life, opening up with a rare performance of “Whitehouse Road,” and kept the energy high, leading into “All You’n” and then “Purgatory.” All the tracks you know and love.

Then Childers took a seat to let it rip on the fiddle during a cover of the classic bluegrass tune “Cluck Ole Hen.”

While some versions of this song contain lyrics, Childers and his band kept it as an instrumental version, showing the crowd the group’s talent as a whole.

Next, he dives into discography from Can I Take My Hounds To Heaven? alternating between tracks from this album and older albums.

He closes the set with the iconic “Lady May,” and the crowd was singing along with every word, making the perfect ending to the set.

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