Jelly Roll Goes On Hilarious Rant While Sitting In Nashville Traffic: “Where Did You Motherf*ckers Come From? Get The F*ck Out Of Nashville”

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I don’t think I’ve ever related to somebody more.

Obviously Nashville’s been growing like crazy the past few years, with reportedly around 100 people per day moving to Music City, along with the insane growth in tourism.

Every day, thousands of people flock to Nashville for bachelorette parties, conventions, vacations, honeymoons…it’s insane to drive down Broadway and see party buses loaded with drunk tourists dancing to Shania Twain at 11 AM on a Tuesday.

Of course one of the consequences of all that growth is an increase in traffic.

And when you combine that with a ton of construction going on around the city that has roads shut down, in a city without a public transportation system, it’s a recipe for disaster if you try to leave your house (or hotel) around rush hour.

Oh, and if you get stuck behind one of those God-forsaken pedal taverns downtown? Or a party bus, which seem like they go just about everywhere in town these days?

I’d rather get hit in the face with a colostomy bag full of shit outside of Kid Rock’s bar than deal with that mess.

And apparently Jelly Roll has finally reached his breaking point with it too.

The country music star took to Instagram yesterday to share his feelings on the traffic situation in a hilarious rant that will be instantly relatable to anybody who’s tried to drive in Nashville recently:

“I’m sitting here, 5:21 in the afternoon, for the last hour and 21 minutes. I’ve been sitting in F*CKING TRAFFIC. WHERE DID YOU MOTHERF*CKERS COME FROM?”

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure I’ve said the exact same thing sitting in traffic before. Especially when it’s early in the afternoon and there’s no reason for the interstate to look like a parking lot.

Jelly goes on:

“I know the city’s been growing but I mean, mother f*ck, dude, we have practically parked the car and got out and had conversations in the middle of the f*cking interstate. Who the f*ck are you people? Get the f*ck out of Nashville.”

Again, pretty sure I’ve said the exact same thing.

Preach it, Jelly Roll.

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